Your Mission

At EDGE we are like you – Passionate about drone technology

We get excited thinking about the amazing things drones can help us do. When it comes to this tech, we believe the only limit is our imagination. Drones will transform our lives, our learning, our economy and our work. Already, drones are creating new opportunities in movie making, farming, security and hundreds of other industries.

That’s why we are inviting you to take part in the EDGE Summer Challenge. This competition – set to launch on August 10, 2020 – invites YOU, the next generation of creative innovators to design a futuristic drone to help disrupt and advance industries that are key priorities for the UAE.

In this competition, you can test your creativity and imagination, while taking your first steps toward being a future leader and building a more secure tomorrow.

The Challenge invites you to:
  • * Research current drone technologies and explore innovations that could be used in the development of next-generation drones.
  • * Select an industry, then analyse it to find opportunities for drones to disrupt, enhance or solve problems.
  • * Explore concepts such as aerodynamics, electricity, computer programming and physical laws of motion.
  • * Apply your STEM knowledge and research capabilities to design a drone prototype with futuristic features and a specific purpose.

Challenge Instructions

Immerse yourself in the world of drone technology. Learn about current capabilities and future trends. Once armed with this knowledge, think about how drones could be used to transform key industries.

Let your interests guide your thinking. Whether you wish to improve the tracking of animals for conservation or provide a more secure future for the UAE and the world – the power is in your hands!

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How to Enter

To register click on the link below and fill in your details. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start your mission!

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Submission Guidelines

01The title of your project.
02Personal information: your name, email address, school / university.
03Summary of research about your chosen industry: Provide context about your industry and summarise relevant current drone technology.
04Explanation of your drone’s mission: Define the industry challenge that you are trying to solve and explain how the drone will help.
05Details of how the drone will operate: List the type of drone, materials required, size, propulsion method, weight, flight controllers, etc.
06Highlights of your drone’s innovations and unique features: Describe the drone’s futuristic features and outline how they will support it in its mission.
07Upload your drone design in Word, PDF or JPG format not exceeding 20MB on the EDGE Summer Challenge page. Should the judges require further information, you will be requested to share this at a later stage.

Eligibility Criteria

01Open to students aged 14-21 years old
02One submission per applicant
03You must be a UAE resident


Thursday 10th August 2020: Launch of the competition
Tuesday 15 September 2020: Entry submission deadline
Sunday 27 September 2020: Finalists notified
Tuesday 6 October 2020: Winner presentations

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Judging Criteria

All designs will be reviewed by a panel of experts and will be judged according to the judging criteria (see below), resulting in a nominal score. The top 10 scoring designs will be shortlisted. Should your design be shortlisted, you will be invited to present your concept to a panel of experts who will select the winners.

01. Knowledge application

How well does the design demonstrate a strong understanding of aeronautics, drone technology and other STEM subjects? How well does the participant understand the impact their design will have on their chosen industry?

02. Quality of research

Is the design supported by strong research and do they understand the industry they want to disrupt?

03. Originality of idea

Does the design and purpose of the drone showcase creative thinking? Is the design unique?

04. Feasibility

How easy would it be to make the prototype a reality?

05. Quality of presentation

Is the design well presented and clearly described? Is the idea expressed in an interesting and engaging way?

06. Excitement factor

Is the design exciting, thought-provoking and potentially revolutionary?

The Prizes

The top three entrants will receive the latest personal tech prizes.


Apple iPhone 11 PRO

Second Place

An Apple iPad

Third Place

A set of Apple Air Pods

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